DeadDelete 1.1 Now Available

We have released version 1.1 of our DeadDelete Plugin for WordPress. Version 1.1 has several improvements including a logging feature and less visible improvements necessary to meet requirements from as well as minor performance improvements.

Don’t you want to know what pages people are trying to remove from your site? Now you can with our new logging feature. The logging feature adds a table to your Wordress database called deaddelete where it stores the URL, post id, and IP address whenever someone clicks your DeadDelete button. This allows you to know what posts people are trying to remove, how many times people have tried to remove them, and where the requests came from. This is a great feature for gauging removal demand beyond keeping track of requests emailed to you by users. The IP logger allows you know if the requests are from just one person or several as well as what part of the world they are in. Most importantly, the logger will tell you which pages whose search engine presence you need to monitor the most.

When we submitted DeadDelete for inclusion in the Plugin Directory we were given a list of requirements we needed to meet. The most notable one was securing the HTML output with escape functions. We have since added that.

Another improvement is the ability to remove links that have 301 status code if the URL in the location header returns a 404 status code. Some sites don’t return 404 errors when content is removed and instead redirect users using a 301 to a 404 page. Some WordPress themes do this for some reason, so we added this so you can link to WordPress sites that don’t do 404 errors right and still let users remove dead links.

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