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Fixed: Removals Temporarily Delayed Shortly Due to Technical Difficulties

This week we fixed a surprise glitch that was preventing orders from being updated in our database after payment had been made. The cause of the problem was traced to an unknown change in WordPress which suddenly resulted in the need to encode strings before inserting them into our database via their WPDB class. This problem and its related emoji cousin marked the first serious problems we’ve experienced since launching PayDelete nearly a year ago. Today we finished patching our partner sites and have successfully conducted test purchases on our end which worked just as they did before.

To be continued.. We want to write this up well enough so that hopefully it might help other developers, but have not had time yet due to rolling out the patch on the partner sites.

1 thought on “Fixed: Removals Temporarily Delayed Shortly Due to Technical Difficulties”

  1. We just ran a test transaction after updating a content site with a patched plugin and it fired on all cylinders! We will apply the patch to all other sites tomorrow. In the meantime, we apologize for any confusion that might result from the success page failing to accurately reflect the status of the removal.

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