PayDelete Privacy Policy

UPDATE: We are currently rebuilding this plugin using a different payment provider. This policy will be updated once we figure out everything that is collected and stored.

PayDelete Privacy Policy

This is probably the skimpiest privacy policy you have ever seen. That is for two reasons: 1) This site is still under construction; 2) The PayDelete Plugin is programmed to store information in the databases belonging to the sites using the plugin and not at this time. This policy is here to help you find applicable privacy policies and to let you know what our plugin is programmed to store by default.

Data We Collect

Our plugin uses Stripe to process payments. Users that click on a PayDelete button are taken to Stripe where they enter their payment information and are sent back to the site that the button was on when payment is completed. Payment information such as credit card numbers are submitted to Stripe and NOT us.

Sites that use PayDelete are programmed to collect order information from Stripe for the purpose of verifying that a payment has been made, knowing what URL the payment was made for, and how to contact the customer should anything go wrong. That information includes:

  • Customer email address
  • Stripe order ID
  • Stripe customer ID
  • Stripe payment status
  • Partner website name
  • Partner website URL
  • Post ID
  • Post permalink

Data Collected By Stripe

Stripe has their own privacy policy detailing what data they collect and how it is used. Visit for more information.

How Your Data is Used

Websites that use the PayDelete plugin are responsible for maintaining their own privacy policies. Check those sites to find out how they use the data stored by our plugin. The data stored is intended to be used for the purpose of tracking orders received, payment status, and which items have been removed. This is intended to give webmasters the basic information they need to make sure removals are performed should the automated removal process fail if necessary, but also so that they can reverse a removal should a payment get cancelled, reversed or otherwise nullified after the removal is performed.

We do not sell your data to anyone.