PayDelete: Content Moderation Monetization

PayDelete provides content moderation monetization services for WordPress websites. We recently launched our integrated plugin on a series of sites for the purpose of optimizing the user experience before developing a version for third party webmasters. 

How Does it Work?

PayDelete displays a button on every post eligible for removal. When a user clicks the button they are taken to our website where they are shown a verification page listing the URL to be removed and how much the removal will cost. If the user agrees they can click the button and they will be redirected to a checkout page hosted at 

Remove Now

We use an hosted solution so that users do not have to enter their payment information on our site. is the leading online payment processor for credit card payments. After the transaction is approved our system is notified via automatically via webhook and our system then notifies the client website via a second webhook. When the client site verifies that the confirmation is authentic then the status of the post is changed to trashed.

What’s Next?

After PayDelete has been running our own sites without problems for awhile we will begin the next phase of development. The next phase will involve adding various administrative functions to the PayDelete plugin to help webmasters make sure it only runs on posts they want to make eligible for removal. This will involve letting people restrict it to certain categories of content linking to specific domains. Then we will allow you to register for a PayDelete membership and submit your site for approval. We will do business with anyone we can legally do business with. When you are approved you will be able to set your own prices and we will deduct a small commission.