RandomRSS Now Supports Date Range Filtering

RandomRSS version 1.5 has just been uploaded to the WordPress Plugin directory. This version introduces the ability to filter feed content by date range. The RandomRSS Plugin section has been updated with instructions as to exactly how to limit the content of your RandomRSS feed chronologically by giving you the option to specify a minimum date, maximum date, or both.

If you have a site with a lot of evergreen content that is several years old and you want to breathe new life into it with syndication this plugin is for you. Simply install RandomRSS and create a feed specifying the earliest or latest date of content you want in the feed. Often old content becomes stale and loses visibility while new content performs just fine. In such cases you might want to consider making old content available for syndication without involving new content. Old versions of RandomRSS only allowed people to filter by category and/or tag.

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