DeadDelete Plugin for WordPress

PayDelete offers a free spinoff plugin for webmasters that want to eliminate outdated content on their websites by letting users remove dead links at the click of a button. The DeadDelete Plugin is built primarily for aggregators that get their content from other websites and include proper source attribution links with that content. Dead Delete works by rendering a button on each post that when clicked will check the source URL to see if the content is still live on the source website. If the source returns a 404 (gone) status code the post will be trashed automatically. It will also do the same with 301 (moved permanently) status codes if the URL in the new location header returns a 404 status code. The latter is useful when linking to sites that redirect missing pages to a 404 error page rather than simply returning a 404 error at the original URL.

Version 1.1.0 is now up. The most notable improvement is the logging of clicks in your WordPress database. Just look for a table named deaddelete where you can see the URLs the button was clicked on, the post id number, and the IP address the click came from. This feature is useful to figure out which pages from your site that people want removed and where those requests came from.