DeadDelete WordPress Plugin 1.0 Now Available

DeadDelete 1.0 is now available in our Plugins section. DeadDelete is a WordPress plugin designed to help aggregators remove outdated content from their websites efficiently. This plugin should be especially useful for news aggregators that feature a large number of articles with proper source attribution links. The plugin renders a button on each post that says “Remove Dead Link.” When a user clicks the button a script is triggered that checks the source URL to see if it is still live. If it is not live then the post is removed.

DeadDelete 1.0 provides all the basic functionality you need to let users remove dead links easily. You can download the plugin from the DeadDelete Plugin page. We also submitted the plugin to for inclusion in their plugin directory, but they emailed us with a series of improvements that are required. We will make the necessary improvements in the next version of the plugin.

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